Healthy plants and soil are vital in the battle against climate change. As two of the biggest stores of carbon on the planet, we need to make sure they are well looked after and healthy.

Teaching Resources

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KeyStage 1

How much water does my plant need?

KeyStage 2

How do nutrients affect plant growth?

KeyStage 3

How can we turn sand into healthy soil?

Explore our farms and meet our Climate Superheroes!

What might your submission look like?

It’s up to you what your submission looks like. Some ideas we might expect to see are:

  • A video showing an explanation of the design, any research that has been done and any specific problems the design solves
  • Pictures – either hand drawn or digital
  • An advertisement or pitch of the final design
  • A PowerPoint or Prezi Presentation
  • Photographs of models/prototypes made using recycled materials, construction toys or robotics kits

The sky is the limit and we definitely encourage creativity! We can accept most document, image and video file types.

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